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Russia Targets Gay Emojis

Seen this? Just think how many hundreds of thousands of people around the world are involved in the business of homophobia. From official authorized censors, police, prosecutors to NGO charities that defile us to local vigilante gangs that hunt us down to damage or kill us to bloggers who vilely obsess on our bedroom

Traveling to Homophobic Destinations–or Not

A by-product of homophobia is a backlash of hysteria from travelers who over-simplify and exaggerate homophobia in foreign countries. As the owner and writer for (a LGBT travel and culture website) I have been to most countries. See: I have never encountered in-my-face discrimination traveling alone or with my husband. During my visits

North Carolina Legislature Votes for Bigotry

Many steps forward, one step backward, in North Carolina. How deeply are those NC law-makers stained by distorted religion to invalidate their intelligent governor and flaunt the US Constitution that unequivocally mandates separation of religious belief systems from secular rights. Where are these dumber-than-dumb legislators coming from; their arrogance to reject the democratic ethics that

Homosexuality on Planet Earth

Here’s an interesting read if you believe in some kind of divine being/presence. But I think it’s all a crock of mindless irrational word games. We exist in a universe of sublime infinite space and time with no mythology about a ‘grandaddy’ pulling the strings and making the planet in six days…!

Baptist College Resists Bigotry; Affirms All Sexualities

Here is a story about a fine and affirming southern Baptist college that will not be intimidated by bigotry and “idolatry of the bible” from fundamentalist anti-gay pastors who cannot see further than the worn out pages of their tattered bibles and rigid dogma.

Australia Celebrates Queer Indigenous Culture

How fine is this! A very much ignored and under-served LGBT population is receiving recognition in Australia.       Also see this report: Aboriginal Queers (From: Appealing and wonderful as the scene was, the folks I wanted to interview in Melbourne were rather unique: Indigenous Aboriginal homosexuals. Prior to arriving for the

Singapore’s Catholic archbishop has spouted his bigoted opinion about LGBT people–again.

Singapore’s Catholic archbishop has spouted his bigoted opinion about LGBT people–again. Why do such ridiculous people get quoted in the media? Dressed in absurd outdated costumes with weird hats their ideas about life are about as modern as their outfits. Look at his photo–is such a person who plays god and dresses like a Harry

The Difference Between Regression and Progress; Between Retrograde Stupidity About Human Sexuality and Intelligent Scientific Evidence

Read Here The Difference Between Regression and Progress; Between Retrograde Stupidity About Human Sexuality and Intelligent Scientific Evidence; Between Russia and USA. Russia Moscow police on Saturday detained two women attempting to hold an unsanctioned Gay Pride demonstration. According to the AP, the demonstration took place across from the Moscow mayor’s office. Reuters reported that

Ugandan Minister to head UN General Assembly — Resist This

This is an outrage that any government official of Uganda should be appointed to a high position at the UN. Uganda has one of the world’s worst human rights records and most inhumane laws that imprisons people just for BEING gay. Read this report and sign the petition.

LGBT population has unique religious profile

A recent survey published in the Deseret News ( reveals LGBT Americans  are “less religious than the general population, and as a group, they feel religion is unfriendly toward them.” This comes as no surprise, especially in light of the recent excommunication of a Catholic priest who supported gay rights in public! ( Modern institutional

England’s Queen Elizabeth Signs Human Rights Document–Omits Naming Gays

Queen Elizabeth II of England takes a half-step forward against discrimination–signs a 2013 charter addressed to members of the Commonwealth of present and former British-controlled colonies and states. But by not directly mentioning sexual orientation or homosexuality she continues the age-old glacial movement of positive human rights against the darkness of politico-religio-based homophobia. When England

The ex-Pope, Archbishop Georg Gaenswein and Andrew Sullivan–Swirling Gossip

Gay American writer Andrew Sullivan claims ex-Pope Benedict will not go into hidden retirement but will instead continue living in the Vatican with trusted secretary Archbishop Georg Gaenswein The deeper sadness in all this speculation is that the artifice of religious dogma and tradition have polluted whatever love two people may have for each

Gay High School Boy Trapped in a Hetero School Milieu

Gay High School Boy Trapped in a Hetero School Milieu I understand this boy’s feeling of being trapped in an alien environment of a ridiculing and humiliating hetero school culture. Straight students (and the larger straight population) have no clue about the crushing oppression of having to wear a mask of identity and bear

19 of 48 countries in the Asia Pacific region criminalize male-to-male sex

“Governments should “not be guided by public morality, but by constitutional morality…” Posted by Richard Ammon News 24 May 2010 by Laurindo Garcia Nineteen of 48 countries in the Asia Pacific region criminalize male-to-male sex which contributes to over 90 percent of gay and bisexual men in the region being denied access to HIV

Gay Pride Attacked in Belarus

Richard Ammon May 15, 2010 Saturday May 15 2010, gay Pride day in Minsk, Balarus, arrived and there were no unusual surprises: trouble was anticipated and trouble there was. The gay participants knew the police would try to stop them. The police knew where the marchers were and intercepted them–but not before the combined

Uganda: Stealing the Spotlight From President Museveni

Neophyte Legislator Proposes Deadly Laws Against Gays: Unleashes International Protest Richard Ammon, GlobalGayz Laguna Beach, CA Yoweri Museveni has been president of Uganda for 24 years in a country that had suffered decades of government corruption, mismanagement, bloody guerilla activity and civil war, all preceded by the the horrors of the Idi Amin tyranny in

How Did These Homophobes Lose Their Humaneness?

(Humaneness: marked by compassion, sympathy, or consideration for humans or animals) Well, isn’t this a sweet headline from a government official: Ugandan Ethics Minister James Nsaba Buturo spoke with journalists today. While acknowledging the great numbers of “foreigners” who express grave concern over the possibility of such a [proposed anti-gay] bill becoming law, he made

Proposed Anti Homosexuality Bill in Uganda

  Westhampton, MA – October 15, 2009 Richard Ammon –   Sexual Minorities of Uganda (SMUG) Condemnthe Proposed Anti-homosexuality Bill Last year GlobalGayz visited Uganda and met several of the LGBT activists involved in SMUG and other rights organizations. Their story is one of persecution, clandestine living, arrests and police abuse. Just before and after

The Complex Mind of a Nobel Prize Scientist, Demonized as a Pedophile

Westhampton, MA – September 27, 2009 Richard Ammon – This is a very sad story of world-class Nobel recipient gay man whose decades-long research made significant discoveries into a degenerative brain disease that struck particularly at children known as kuru–now known as the deadly Mad Cow Disease. For his work on kuru, Dr. Daniel

UK Government Aplogy to WW2 Hero Alan Turing

Westhampton, MA – September 11, 2009 Richard Ammon – On September 10, 2009, the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown officially apologized to Alan Turing for the UK Government’s persecution of this WWII hero because of his homosexuality. Turing brilliantly invented his ‘Turing Bombe’ that crucially helped crack the German Enigma coded messages (sometimes thousands

Homophobic Discrimination Against Straight Athlete

Westhampton, MA – September 4, 2009 Richard Ammon – The Amateur Boxing Association of Thailand (ABAT) has discriminated against a straight boxer for posing suggestively for the cover of a gay magazine. This is a new take on homophobic discrimination: instead of acting prejudicially against a gay person, the ABAT has discriminated against a

Major Lesbian Publication Issued from Copenhagen Conference

Posted by Richard Ammon, GlobalGayz.comI was fortunate to attend the July 2009 OutGames and Human Rights Conference in Copenhagen, Denmarkwhere the following publication was presented by ILGA on behalf of worldwide lesbian activists and supporters. In the past decade lesbians have taken their full place on the world stage of human rights advocacy. Once relegated

Jordanian Publisher Puts Muslim Gays at Risk with Botched Book Title Translation

Westhampton, MA – July 12, 2009 Richard Ammon, Gay Muslim book translates into possible trouble. GlobalGayz protests “perverted” book title used for Arab translation of book about gay Muslims Today’s New York Post carried the following story about the newly published book Gay Travels in the Muslim World. The book is a collection of