Seen this?

Just think how many hundreds of thousands of people around the world are involved in the business of homophobia. From official authorized censors, police, prosecutors to NGO charities that defile us to local vigilante gangs that hunt us down to damage or kill us to bloggers who vilely obsess on our bedroom behavior to countless clergy who are paid to rant against sinful us to legislators who are constantly spending paid time writing and promoting laws and restrictions to block gay marriage, adoptions, making zoning laws against gay venues, deny funding for HIV and unwanted pregnancy…

emojis Think how much these people could help toward a better world; building and funding schools and programs to help underprivileged kids or adopting orphans or volunteering at health clinics or paying for school books for an impoverished family… toward making a better world instead of spreading hate and bigotry; to teach tolerance of the eternal and universal differences among human beings, to embrace reality instead of corrupt morality.

Living inside a cage of malevolence is not a free life.