A by-product of homophobia is a backlash of hysteria from travelers who over-simplify and exaggerate homophobia in foreign countries. As the owner and writer for GlobalGayz.com (a LGBT travel and culture website) I have been to most countries.

See: https://www.washingtonpost.com/posteverything/wp/2015/07/22/why-gay-honeymooners-should-stop-avoiding-countries-with-anti-lgbt-laws/

summitI have never encountered in-my-face discrimination traveling alone or with my husband. During my visits I interview LGBT citizens, activists, friends in restaurants and cafes. Never have we been rejected or denied service. Only once were my interviewees nervous or cautious–about me, until they felt reassured I was not a government spy. Then our meeting went well. I don’t suggest reckless or flamboyant public shows (it can get you into trouble in Baltimore!). Civil private behavior is the norm of international travel, gay or straight. I would remind our LGBT community that some of their favorite RSVP, Atlantis, RSVP, and Olivia cruises to the Caribbean make ports of call–rightly or wrongly–at several islands that have laws against homosexuality.