A recent survey published in the Deseret News (http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865581728/Survey-Gay-and-lesbian-population-has-unique-religious-profile.html) reveals LGBT Americans  are “less religious than the general population, and as a group, they feel religion is unfriendly toward them.”

This comes as no surprise, especially in light of the recent excommunication of a Catholic priest who supported gay rights in public! (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/04/30/brazil-priest-excommunicated_n_3187812.html) Modern institutional religion is a bizarre psychosis deeply based on myth, magic and misinterpretation and is tightly bound to a believer’s psyche, much as a schizophrenic’s delusions are embedded and felt to be real–and just as dangerous. Mentally deranged people sometimes kill innocent people believing them to be a demon. So too has organized religion railed and sworn against homosexuals and cursed them as sinful without a shred of evidence or proof that LGBT people are defective in any way.

Nevertheless, homophobic preachers and priests today still condemn and excommunicate gay citizens (which encourages anti-gay violence on the streets) for no verifiable reason other than vague indeterminable scriptural wordage that has been translated numerous times into very different languages, most recently into English, then ‘new English’. Imagine a physician in current practice relying on ancient Greek or Egyptian medical principles; such is the case with bigoted clergy who use outmoded principles quoted from mythology to justify their discrimination and hostile attitudes against LGBTs who only want to love one another. Religion is the enemy, not homosexuality. Until the poison of homophobia is purged from religious ideation, sermons and dogma we will not enter those churches, temples and synagogues.