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A Friendly Trip into Gay Cornwall

By B.J. Epstein Autumn 2009 As my partner and I were planning our recent trip to Cornwall (in the far southwest of the English mainland), I was surprised by the number of B&Bs there that claimed to be “gay-friendly.” The last supposedly gay-friendly place we’d stayed at was a hotel in cosmopolitan London where, when

UK Government Aplogy to WW2 Hero Alan Turing

Westhampton, MA – September 11, 2009 Richard Ammon – On September 10, 2009, the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown officially apologized to Alan Turing for the UK Government’s persecution of this WWII hero because of his homosexuality. Turing brilliantly invented his ‘Turing Bombe’ that crucially helped crack the German Enigma coded messages (sometimes thousands

England’s Crystal Mile

Intro: One of the most glittering sights in England is not the ‘crown jewels’ exhibit in the Tower of London. Rather, ninety miles north in the city of Stourbridge thousands of crystalline products dazzle the eye and impress the visitor inside numerous glass factories-all open to the public.