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Gay Russia 2010-18

Introduction Gay Russia is a vast subject with a short modern history. Life is not easy for LGBT Russians and most prefer to remain in quiet safe closets. But three LGBT organizations are challenging the old traditions and attitudes. It is not easy or always safe but the challenge is great and their determination is

Gay in Putin’s Moscow: Why the City is Pinker Than You Think

LGBT nights are easy to find and Grindr reaches into the heart of the Kremlin itself. But two years after the law banning ‘homosexual propaganda’, can being gay in the Russian capital really be much fun? By Chris Michael, Judith Soal and Maeve Shearlaw The Guardian 13 June 2015 “Moscow is like a small

Russian Gay Activist Speaks Out 2013

Gay City News October 2, 2013. By Doug Ireland Nikolai Baev, 38, (photo right)  is a veteran Russian gay activist born and raised in Moscow. He founded the first gay group in the city of Novosibirsk when he was a university student there, and is one of the original organizers of the efforts to stage

Gay Russia 2006

Introduction: The following two stories about LGBT folks in Russia are by guest writers who have been to the major gay cities in Russia–Moscow and St. Petersburg. My own experience of Russia last year was far away in Siberia via the Trans-Siberian railroad from Beijing to Ekaterinburg then back to Vladivostok. The cities along the

Russia Through the Back Door: Finland to Russia via Boat Canal

Intro: Want to go to Russia without the throngs of airports, the dense huddles of Moscow or sandwiched in a package cruise up the Gulf of Finland to Petersburg? Try the back road from Lappeenranta, Finland, through forty miles of wilderness to Vyborg, Russia. The route is a peaceful journey amid beautiful lakes and forests with hardly a sound and no masses of traffic. This unique trip is by way of the remarkably engineered and little known (outside of Finland) Saimaa shipping canal.