The world has become smaller and travel has become more complex. Gay and lesbian travelers go farther and longer than ever before so the journey abroad demands forethought and awareness. As LGBT visibility has increased in virtually every country so has homophobia especially in once-dormant states where no thought was given to same-sex attraction.

With today’s online awareness of social issues these sleepy distant societies have awakened to LGBT presence–and many do not like it. Gay travelers and adventurers are not welcome everywhere but fortunately sexual orientation is invisible and we are free to move about. So it becomes important, in addition to knowing where we are going, to understand what we are might encounter once we get there.

Conservative religious, political and social countries can be engaging and intriguing new experiences or they can be frightening and daunting challenges if we are not alert and knowledgeable. Being prepared for an unknown destination is not difficult and there are countless resources, gay and non-gay, to inform us.

Listed here are some basic sources for informed LGBT travel across the globe.

Gay and Lesbian Travel Guides & Resources

Gay Travel Sites