In today’s NYTimes is an article about gender dysphoria and treatments for transgender desire.
There are indeed numerous variations to gender, as noted here. The article focuses on dysphoric people who ‘suffer’ and what the options are.
In addition to these folks there are countless men who express themselves in a ‘nellie’ or feminine manner and countless women who express in a butch manner. These are also trans people who feel that ‘drag’ fulfills their need for other-gender expression. Many of them can be seen celebrating in public during Pride Parades and Festivals. The point here is that not all trans folks suffer; many have fun with it every day and at small parties with friends.
This is not to diminish more ‘serious’ cases of dysphoria where hormones, surgery and physiological changes are deeply desired. I support them. I also strongly suggest these people make a somewhat simple change before hormones: move to New York or Berlin, etc., places where there are many LGBTs who support gender fluidity. Reducing stigma should be an important part of treatment. (Of course nowhere is homo-transphobia free, but large urban centers are far more supportive than Missoula.)
I see LGBTs every day on the streets of NYC walking butch, being fem and no one cares. A good start for changing a life.