Gay Life in a Tolerant Society in Aruba

Aruba is one of the southernmost islands (Antilles) that are affiliated with the Kingdom of the Netherlands in far off Europe. Along with Bonaire and Curaçao, these three tiny islands (called the ABC islands) just off the north coast of Venezuela are quiet nests of gay-friendliness where they live in a tolerant and mostly open… Read more »

Gay Havana, Cuba Offers New and Old Lives With Verve and Caution in 2016

By Richard Ammon Summer 2016 Also see: Gay Cuba Stories Gay Cuba News & Reports 1997 to present Gay Cuba Photo Galleries   My second visit to Cuba was in 2016 to visit old friends and meet new ones. The appearance of Havana is essentially the same as my previous visit ten years ago.… Read more »

Gays, Ship Cruises and Homophobia in the Caribbean

Gays, Ship Cruises and Homophobia in the Caribbean Slipping into port and out of mind Four friends of mine, all hard-working professionals, recently completed a cruise on one of the many mega-ships that sail among the hundred islands in the Caribbean Sea, many of which are little countries with their own languages, laws and currency.… Read more »

Haiti’s Fight For Gay Rights

As LGBT community becomes more visible, anti-gay violence rises, too. By Allyn Gaestel for Al Jazeera America November 8, 2014 Source: (Note: see original story for more photos)   Port-au-Prince, Haiti The courtyard, tucked off a quiet road here and ringed by mango trees heavy with immature green fruit, was bedecked with a rainbow… Read more »

Many Faces of Gay Cuba: Risk, Pleasure, Hidden and Playful in 2015

Intro: This story is the result of my first visit to that once-paradise island where gay life is still alive and humming although repressed. There are many faces of gay Cuba: risk, pleasure, hidden and playful. Not surprisingly, lesbigay folks dance a careful line between relative freedom and relative risk.  But things will change: Fidel… Read more »

Gay Cuba 1997-2015

Intro: This story is a compilation of reports, stories and news that I stitched together from numerous sources before I visited Cuba.  It will give you a good idea about how controversial the homosexual issue is under socialism. Fidel Castro died on November 25, 2016 evoking sadness and joy among native and expat Cubans. His… Read more »

Gay Jamaica: Activist Risks Everything to Advance LGBT Rights in Jamaica

Jamaican activist Angeline Jackson (photo right) visited San Diego and found loving support from St Paul’s Foundation in her quest to bring LGBT rights and tolerance to her native society–despite great odds.   Also see: Jamaica Photo Galleries Gay Jamaica News & Reports   June 10th, 2014 By Ken Williams San Diego Gay and Lesbian News… Read more »

Gay Life in Sint Eustatius

Sint Eustatius (Statia) is the sister island of St. Maarten, a short 45-minute ferry ride or 10-minute flight away. It is one of the smallest inhabited islands in the Caribbean, a mere five square miles. Its land surface consists mostly of the inactive (for now) volcano called Mount Scenery. At 877 meters, this is the… Read more »

Gay Life in Anguilla

Anguilla is a quiet little island of only 35 square miles located about 100 miles east of the British Virgin Islands–no discos, casinos, duty-free shops or cruise liners. Hardly anything is heard about this place other than real estate and tourist brochures and occasional news items about offshore finance or tax havens.   Homosexuality in… Read more »

Gay Life in Cayman Islands

If you can separate the politics from the people, and separate being gay from enjoying a beautiful island, then go. The Cayman Islands are lovely and full of luxury resorts along white sandy beaches; just do not show too much public affection.   Complied by Richard Ammon September 2014   Yesterday and Today The… Read more »

Gay Life in Sint Eustatius

St Eustatius is one of three northern Caribbean Dutch territories (Sint Maartin, Saba and Sint Eustatius)  not far from the Virgin islands. There are three other Dutch territories (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao) in the southern Caribbean off the coast of Venezuela. All six islands offer a mixed bag of life and sites to LGBT visitors… Read more »

Gay Life in Saba

Saba is the sister island of St. Maarten, a short 45-minute ferry ride or 10-minute flight away. It is one of the smallest inhabited islands in the Caribbean, a mere five square miles. Its land surface consists mostly of the inactive (for now) volcano called Mount Scenery. At 877 meters, this is the highest point… Read more »

Gay Life in Sint Maartin

Saint Martin has been a divided island since 1658, half French in the north (called Saint Martin) and half Dutch in the south (called Sint Maartin) . The whole island has a generally positive reputation of begin gay friendly. But that does not mean there is a bubbly gay scene. In neither half is there… Read more »

All-Caribbean News & Reports

    Click on this link to see News & Reports for multiple Caribbean islands from 2010 to 2012:           Click on this link to see News & Reports for multiple Caribbean islands from 2001 to 2009:

Gay Life in Bermuda

Bermuda is another island in ‘paradise’ where thousands of northerners go for a taste of foreign life and a balmy semi-tropical climate, even in the cold season. It is a small island (actually more than one) that has a certain mystique due to its hidden treasures troves of off-shore bank accounts and due to its… Read more »

Gay Life in Montserrat

Montserrat Island is a mere 40 sq mi of land surface and has been the ‘target’ of enormous natural disasters. In 1989 destructive hurricane Hugo virtually wiped out the entire island and in 1995 its main volcano blew up and made a wasteland of the entire southern half of the island. Any modest sign of… Read more »

Gay Life in St Vincent and The Grenadines

Gay Life in St Vincent and the Grenadines follows close on the unhappy LGBT situation in nearby Grenada–it is illegal, stigmatized and not tolerated well by the locals. But, at least Grenada has one LGBT organization. St Vincent has none.   A Bad Situation and a Bad Law Gay Life in St Vincent and the… Read more »

Gay Life in Grenada

“Marginalized populations start off at a stage of questioning and paranoia. Then there’s this long journey where you go along until you eventually are comfortable with yourself and you can function as a “normal” person. And I think if we can speed up that process (in Grenada) as much as possible so that people can… Read more »

Gay Life in Saint Lucia

Being gay in Saint Lucia is walking a fine line between expressing desire and love mixed with fear of being caught, convicted or bashed. Here is an online-researched report that summarizes various findings about homosexuality in this beautiful, scenic, appealing tourist-friendly island nation where same-sex behavior is criminalized and HIV is highly stigmatized.   Shadows… Read more »

St. Lucia (Caribbean) Activist Says: ‘We Are Here to Stay!’

An interview with St Lucia’s outspoken LGBT lesbian activist reveals her optimism and courage in the face of daunting circumstances for gays in her island nation where homosexuality is still criminalized and Christian homophobia runs high.   Kenita Placide (photo right) is at the forefront of the Gay and Lesbian movement in Saint Lucia. Dressed… Read more »

Gay Life in The Bahamas

The situation for LGBT locals and visitors in the Bahamas is mixed. Homosexuality is legal but homophobia is high yet many gay locals ignore all that and get on with their lives. There is no public gay life to celebrate, no parades, no Rainbow flags, no activist organization, no LGBT tour promotions, no legal protections… Read more »

Gay Life in French West Indies (Gaudeloupe, Martinique, Saint Barts, Saint Martin)

In many Caribbean island-nations and territories, LGBT (gay) life can consist of a rosy romantic cruise or a languid lounge on a picturesque beach topped with a gay  party in the evening. But not for all, especially native born LGBT citizens whose families descend from indigenous Caribbean cultures such as Taino, Arawak, Caquetio (and a dozen others) as well as Spanish and African cultures where homosexuality is not usually a welcome trait. There is wide variety of gay people in the Caribbean but the widest separation is between northern American and European white tourists and the local-born ‘natives’ of these islands. We are everywhere and we are everywhere very diverse.

Gay Life in Netherlands Antilles (Bonaire)

History and Geography Bonaire Island is not big but it’s not a speck either; it covers 111 sq mi (294 sq km) which is enough for a small colony of locals. expats and visitors. It is is a special ‘municipality’ of the Netherlands, a mere 4416 miles (7108km) away so it not likely the Queen’s… Read more »

Gay Life in Netherlands Antilles (Curacao)

Curacao is a small Caribbean island that is an independent country. It is not hard to quickly discern the attitude here toward LGBT people–at least to tourists to whom the welcome sign reads: “Welcome. “Live and Let Live” or “Biba i laga Biba”. But homophobia is an undercurrent here as well and natives do not… Read more »

Gay Life in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is the most gay-friendly island of all the nations, territories and dominions of the Caribbean. Perhaps Havana, Cuba has more LGBT people but the scene there is muffled by the authorities who are willing to look the other way but only up to a point. No such restraint appears in PR which is an overseas territory of the USA and therefore is freer and happier place to be gay.