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Lebanese Lesbian Speaks Out

Richard Ammon August 15, 2009 Regarding the point made in the previous blog post about the New York Times story on party-time gay males in Lebanon, a more realistic portrait of gay Lebanon was drawn by a lesbian in the book ‘Bareed Mistas3jil’ published by Meem . (2009; P43) I think this worried description

Gay Life in Lebanon: Bounce Back Beirut

Intro: An intrepid Dutch reporter ventures into the mixed-message country of Lebanon to experience the glitter and fears of gay life in Beirut. During his visit he discovers the fashionable avenues of Gemmayzeh and the tense streets of Dahiyeh (controlled by Hezbollah) yet finding gay life in both. The conclusion is that LGBT life is not widespread or publicly celebrated but is progressing and tolerated thanks to courageous club owners and Helem human rights group.