Shakespeare Was Bisexual

Shakespeare was bisexual–get over it and be proud! It was a key to this depth of awareness and diversity of human nature. The breadth of his insight into complex characters is unmatched in world literature. From jesters  to suicidal princes to farcical  clowns to villainous kings his word tapestries are masterpieces woven by a genius.… Read more »

East Timor Celebrates Gay Pride with Hard-Earned Pride

East Timor celebrates Gay Pride in its tiny territory after a prolonged war of independence with enormous Indonesia. Yet the little country is courageous with much integrity to host a Rainbow Parade while Indonesia turns against its LGBT citizens with discrimination and homophobia. A fine example of the ‘child’ teaching the ‘parent’ how to live… Read more »

A Divided World

There is in today’s world an enormous cultural-sexual divide, a severe split in the reactions of human societies toward homosexually oriented people.  Religion and politics evoke equally vocal and passionate responses from adherents and opponents. God and State and Homosexuality make people see bliss or red. They make people want to love or kill us!… Read more »

Brave black lesbian policeman helped save congressman from assassination

I wonder how many good or heroic deeds must LGBT citizens perform to bring about a shift in homophobic minds to see us as equally valid, fully functioning and ‘normal’ in this country–and indeed around the world. We gay people are everywhere in every country as preachers, musicians, policemen, doctors, teachers, mothers and dads, librarians… Read more »

Good will from the State Department regarding Gay Pride month

Good will from the State Department regarding Gay Pride month: “We recognize that LGBTI persons continue to face the threat of violence and discrimination. Violence and discrimination targeting any vulnerable group undermines our collective security as well as American values. When all persons are protected on the basis of equality and with dignity, global stability… Read more »

A beautiful and poignant coming out story

A beautiful and poignant coming out story: My message to the author, Preston Cope: Dear Preston, No doubt you have received many responses to your fine online coming out story. It is your story and the story of countless other LGBT people. It was painful to read about your struggle and joyous to read… Read more »

Notorious American homophobic pastor gets away with bigotry and hate crimes

Notorious American homophobic pastor gets away with bigotry and hate crimes because he committed them in Uganda. US Court dismisses case for technical reasons while condemning the crimes: “Scott Lively has aided and abetted efforts to demonize, intimidate, and injure LGBTI people in Uganda…” A privileged American and alleged minister spends his time trying to… Read more »

Blind and LGBT?

If you are blind how do you know you are LGBT? Another argument against the absurd myth that homosexuality is learned. Sexual attraction/orientation is a visual experience that emerges from deep within the mind; it is evoked early in development by visual stimuli, by visible attraction toward certain people and away from certain other people.… Read more »

WorldPride in Madrid 2017

Amid the carnage of terrorism, WorldPride rises again, this year in Madrid. No evil force will ever defeat the vitality and light of LGBT lives everywhere–not in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Nigeria, Jamaica, Guinea … “we will not merely endure we will prevail” because we represent the future of dignity and truth on this earth!

Hidden origins of gay right movement in WW1

Gay soldiers who survived the bloodletting returned home convinced their governments owed them something – full citizenship. Especially in Germany, where gay rights already had a tenuous footing, they formed new organizations to advocate in public for their rights…

First Lady of the USA sets her priorities: her face

Now here is a woman with her priorities clearly set: “Melania Trump saw results almost instantly when using [her face cream] and the production process was enhanced to allow for an almost immediate release. This unfortunately coincided with her husband’s successful bid for President of the United States, which would usually force her move to… Read more »

Fear is a Disease

The unknown causes fear that manifests itself in many ways. Fear as phobia is an artistic device often used in the 20th century. The German film director, Fasbinder called two of his films Fear of Fear and Fear Eats the Soul. Both amazing films as are almost all of his works. But the violent response to… Read more »

Progressive Gay Activists Push for Relationship Equality in Albania

In 2017 the PRO-LGBT leader Kristi Pinderi (photo attached) announced the rights group will file a lawsuit requesting equal recognition of gay relationships. This is a far cry from the repression of the communist regime that ended in 1985 under which LGBTs were imprisoned and tortured. What makes the difference? ‘Blood. sweat and tears’, literally,… Read more »

Kristi Pinderi

How I Told Russia I Was Gay

By Artem Kolesov Posted from CNN: •    At age 5, Artem Kolesov, the son of two Russian pastors living outside Moscow, realized he was gay •    But it took another 18 years before he had the courage to come out to his family, friends and, ultimately, the world. CNN: “Artem Kolesov is a 23-year-old… Read more »

Buenos Aires dedicates subway station to gay icon Carlos Jaúregui

Buenos Aires has dedicated its newest Subway station to an Argentinian gay icon. On Monday (20 March) the new station, now called Santa Fe – Carlos Jaúregui, opened on the city metro system’s H-Line. It’s considered to be the world’s first station to be named in the honor of an LGBTI icon and activist. As… Read more »

More brutality and death to gays in Chechnya

The primitive brutality and evil of Chechen authorities is brutal and deadly with no mercy or justice. LGBTs are also in danger from their families when police out them to their families. What is the source of such deadly homophobia? No doubt the Russian leadership is partly to blame as it continues it anti-gay rhetoric… Read more »

More evidence of modern humanity’s effects on the planet

This report is sad and frightening. As if war and air pollution are not lethal enough, here is more bad new about our effect on the oceans:

Handsome, talented Russian violinist posts a touching video about his painful and difficult coming out

Handsome, talented Russian violinist posts a touching video about his painful and difficult coming out: A gay Russian violinist comes out on social media Artem Kolesov, first violinist of the Chicago-based Yas Quartet, has been outraged by reports of gay oppression in Chechnya. So he decided to publish a video testament on being young, Russian… Read more »

Bogus, unscientific anal tests used to convict young men of homosexuality

Sousse, Tunisia March 10, 2017 Homophobia is such a vile disease that it cuts through common sense and makes a mockery of judicial procedures. In this report, two men were convicted of the crime of homosexuality without social or physical evidence. The physical evidence was supposedly an anal exam which no intelligent western clinician approves… Read more »

Danger For LGBT People in Many Places: Here is One: Mauritania

On my website I do not have an informative descriptive story about LGBT life in Mauritania. There is virtually nothing about the country’s homosexual citizens on the entire Internet. And for good reason: the country, located in northwest Africa, is dominated by Sharia Muslim law, which as most of us know is vehemently gay-dangerous.… Read more »

Gay cure psychologist has died

The homophobic psychologist who invented ‘gay cure therapy’ has died. I would not like to go to my grave knowing I had deceived and misled so many people into thinking sexual orientation could be changed. He was not gay and knew nothing about the inner experience of being LGBT. Very sad and dangerous.

‘When We Rise’–Landmark TV Series Portrays LGBT Struggle for Equality

Scenes from the nineteen-seventies, shown in episode one of ‘When We Rise’ on ABC TV this week, portray early gay activists cowering in fear from police brutality and tear gas. The cruelty and ignorance with which gays were treated is hard to watch from today’s perspective. It has been a mere 47 years that the… Read more »

Bruce Springsteen and Hillary’s Loss; John Meacham’s Analysis

I finally got around to reading Michael Luongo’s recent commentary about Bruce  Springsteen–about how he appears to have moved away from his roots and joined the wealthy elites in America; about how the used to sing of the common man and now lives in luxury and supported Hillary. He has created a ‘bubble’ in which… Read more »

The Elegant Universe

February 23, 2017 Last night we went to hear a talk by the world renown astrophysicist Brian Green from Columbia University. Author of ‘The Elegant Universe’ and other books. Brilliant, humorous, well spoken in plain English for the lay audience. The auditorium at Soka University in Mission Viejo was full, including a busload of local… Read more »

Lady Gaga Banned in China; Met with Dalai Lama

China’a authorities have forbidden Lady Gaga’s performance because she met with the Dalai Lama. Chinese authorities are bigoted idiots who live in fear and loathing of change, fear of humanism, fear of open-mindedness. They are wrapped in blindness and xenophobia–no surprise since their close neighbor is North Korea. Their ignorance is pathetic. Such attitudes keep… Read more »