In a landmark vote, the European Parliament has demanded to include LGBT rights in a future EU gender equality strategy.

The current strategy for equality between women and men runs out at the end of this year. The report voted yesterday, is the Parliament’s input for the gender equality strategy 2016-2020.

Specifically on LGBT issues, the parliament has made several changes to its strategy, including the below:

Asks to ensure the full legal recognition of a person’s preferred gender, which is vital for trans and intersex persons and to work towards full depathologisation of trans identities, including in childhood
Demands an inclusive definition of families, including families with LGBT parents in labour and family law
Calls on the Commission to tackle prejudice against LGBT persons in schools
The Parliament reiterates its call to adopt a separate strategy on LGBT rights. It also calls on the Council to adopt a Directive that would outlaw discrimination on the basis ofinter alia sexual orientation, in education, social protection and access to goods and services…

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