Inspired Davids Stand Against Stupefied Goliaths–Gay Activism in the 21st Century

It takes great courage to confront the brick wall of systemic homophobia in Morocco. By Richard Ammon May 28, 2010 Read this News Report ( or read the Previous Blog, May 27, on this site ( about a gay magazine published for Moroccan gay people and distributed in major cities in Morocco. A daring

19 of 48 countries in the Asia Pacific region criminalize male-to-male sex

“Governments should “not be guided by public morality, but by constitutional morality…” Posted by Richard Ammon News 24 May 2010 by Laurindo Garcia Nineteen of 48 countries in the Asia Pacific region criminalize male-to-male sex which contributes to over 90 percent of gay and bisexual men in the region being denied access to HIV

Gay Pride Attacked in Belarus

Richard Ammon May 15, 2010 Saturday May 15 2010, gay Pride day in Minsk, Balarus, arrived and there were no unusual surprises: trouble was anticipated and trouble there was. The gay participants knew the police would try to stop them. The police knew where the marchers were and intercepted them–but not before the combined

The Disease of Homophobia

Richard Ammon Mat 14, 2010 Hopefully some day coming out won’t be such a big deal and won’t be news–or do we gay (LGBT people) secretly like the rush of notoriety, the fuss, the ‘news worthy’ event, by appearing to win one more to our club, gaining over the homophobes and discovering the inside

Gay Pride in Russia

Richard Ammon GlobalGayz April 27, 2010 Letter from Russia. Gay Russia is surprisingly alive or dead according to the view you have from being there. Dense homophobia pervades the culture. A visitor will not find a public scene. No flags, no parades, no store-front centers or offices, one magazine, a couple of on-line gay sites

New Year, Full Moon

Richard Ammon, Laguna Beach, California, January 1, 2010 5 AM before sunrise, Southern California A brilliant white glowing moon hangs, seemingly weightless, on the edge of deep space, over the Pacific Ocean, its luminescence reflected in the rippling water. The dark gray-blue sky is cloudless. The moon is completely full round. The air is

Uganda: Stealing the Spotlight From President Museveni

Neophyte Legislator Proposes Deadly Laws Against Gays: Unleashes International Protest Richard Ammon, GlobalGayz Laguna Beach, CA Yoweri Museveni has been president of Uganda for 24 years in a country that had suffered decades of government corruption, mismanagement, bloody guerilla activity and civil war, all preceded by the the horrors of the Idi Amin tyranny in

Gay Rights Activist Murdered in Honduras

Richard Ammon, December 17, 2009 Once again we are humbled and infuriated that yet another courageous gay activist has been gunned down for his human rights work. In a previous blog we considered the irrational persecution and killing of LGBT (gay) people across the world and how human fear and hatred make us inhumane.

Sundown on World AIDS Day

Richard Ammon, GlobalGayz Laguna Beach, CA The sun went down across the horizon this evening on this commemorative day for people lost to AIDS. A small candlelit gathering on the beach in Laguna (California) named friends, family and lovers who now live only in the memories of those who spoke. The prayers offered were a