A Remarkable Week for Gay Dignity

By Richard Ammon GlobalGayz.com It doesn’t happen often in today’s contentious culture wars, but our LGBT worldwide community has achieved–along with our allies–a double win this month against blatant homophobic forces that refuse to recognize our equality and dignity. First, highly symbolic and very real is the restoration of “sexual orientation” to a UN resolution

No Gay Pride in Bangkok 2010

By Richard Ammon GlobalGayz.com December 7, 2010 Bangkok For the third year in a row there is no BKK Pride festival. Ask different people and get different answers: disinterest from local Thai activists; lack of police cooperation; no money; homophobia; frustration and withdrawal of foreign leadership. “There are just too many obstacles, resistance and petty

Yet Another Gay Teen Suicide

By Richard Ammon GlobalGayz.com December 20, 2010 Since I posted this originally on October 2, there have been three more gay teen suicides, in Oklahoma, Michigan and Pennsylvania. In addition I have found out about four other earlier deaths. So I’m re-posting this blog entry with the updated names and stories: Recent 2010 gay suicides

Remembrance for 9/11

By Richard Ammon GlobalGayz.com September 11, 2010 September 11 is clearly a day of remembrance and sorrow and reflection about the past events in New York, Washington and Virginia. Families, cultures and religions were ripped apart that should not have been. Inhumanity struck a blow to civilized life and the consequences still reverberate around the

What God and Dogs Have to Teach Us

By Richard Ammon GlobalGayz.com July 3, 2010 People disappoint each other a lot, whether intimate partners or friends, whether for a moment or a lifetime. People aggravate one another for petty things (picture on a wall) or expansive beliefs (religion). The human condition, in addition to all its virtues and social values (companionship) which shape

Photo Memories as a Tapestry of My Life

By Richard Ammon GlobalGayz.com June 20, 2010 For more than forty years I took photos wherever I went–local family and friends, distant lands, famous landmarks, oceans, landscapes, handsome people, unexpected moments… or myself in 1990 (photo right). Whatever came into view that appealed to my sensuous eye or aesthetic intuition. Hundreds, thousands of images accumulated

Opera at the Gym

By Richard Ammon GlobalGayz.com June 5, 2010 I joined a 24-hour Fitness gym last year. I thought I was buying into an exercise venue. That it is, complete with a 5-lane pool which I use almost everyday. But what they didn’t tell me when I put up my cash is that the fitness center and