The Way of the World: Dalai Lama vs China’s Factories

The following bit of news was written by Jamie Johnson and published in Vanity Fair magazine July 19, 2011 ( “It was big news last weekend when President Obama refused to let journalists into his private meeting with the Dalai Lama. The maneuver reflects increasing concerns in the U.S. that emphatic public support for the

Afghanistan Atrocity

Gays Are Not the Only Targets of Persecution in Afghanistan. “It was the beginning of an Afghan love story that flouted dominant traditions of arranged marriages and close family scrutiny, a romance between two teenagers of different ethnicities that tested a village’s tolerance for more modern whims of the heart. The results were delivered with

A Shining Moment for LGBT Gay Rights

I’ve never seen anything like it. A gay deluge in the media: gay marriage in NY; mainstream gay-theme films; congressional approval of an openly gay federal gay judge; children of gays; Obama’s administration’s removal of support for DOMA; major newspaper editorials applauding gay marriage; an historic UN resolution, in June 2011, condemning discrimination on the

Homophobia is Fear of Oneself

By Richard Ammon June 19, 2011 Progress or standoff? Gay Pride in UK vs Croatia: Homophobia, Changing Culture and Fear Two news stories arrived on my computer today about two very different Gay Pride Parades, one in Oxford, England and the other in the Croatian city of Split.: Croatia – Oxford –

Freedom in Egypt–What it Means for Gays

By Richard Ammon February 13, 2011 Well, after eighteen days of protest and demonstration to bring down a corrupt dictator and allow free and fair elections, what will this mean for the LGBT (gay) citizens who were certainly present in Tahrir Square? There was plenty of talk in the media about repression, corruption. imprisonment,