The following editorial is from ‘The Trumpet‘, an online newsletter of the Church of God, regarding the California law that requires some gay history to be included in public school education curricula:

“Landmark law reveals that the war against family is intensifying”

–“California’s public schools will be required to teach students about the contributions of homosexual Americans beginning on January 1, 2012, after Gov. Jerry Brown (photo right) signed a landmark bill June 16, 2011 requiring the material to be added to social studies textbooks and curricula…

–“The California Family Council said that since the material is not part of a sexual education’ class, parents will not have an opting-out option, and will not be told beforehand about classes teaching the new material…

–“Opponents were upset with Brown’s decision to sign the bill, and questioned whether instruction about homosexuals in public schools is necessary. “If children in other countries are learning math and science, and American children are learning about the private lives of historical figures, how will our students compete for jobs in the global economy?” said Sen. Sharon Runner.
Herbert W Armstrong, Church of God
–“The most basic building block of a strong and stable civilization is the traditional family structure, and this law represents the latest in a long list of assaults against it…

–“In 1976 Herbert Armstrong (photo right) wrote of a “’widespread and aggressive conspiracy to destroy the institution of marriage… Every subtle method is being employed to capture the minds of those of pre-marriage age’”

–“Clearly, minds back then were captured and attacked. Now they are 35 years older and have raised another generation even more deceived about traditional marriage and family.”

My reply:
Show me one scrap of evidence that society is worse off for tolerating homosexuals, offering them equal rights, allowing them to enter loving relationships; show me one scrap that heterosexual marriage is worse off due to gay marriage; show me one scrap that children are really at risk from having a gay teacher or being taught about gay contributors to our great society.

I point to Arnold Schwarzenager, Newt Gingrich, John Edwards, Mark Sanford (gov. of South Carolina), Ted Haggard, Jimmy Swaggert, Paul Barnes, Earl Paulk, Joe Barron, JFK, Rudi Guilliani, Tiger Woods and more than a few others.
The list of heterosexual marriage destroyers goes on into history, not to mention the countless Catholic priests who have defiled families by child abuse.

Cease with these brainless bigoted attacks on respectable gay citizens.

By Richard Ammon
July 18, 2011