By Richard Ammon
June 25, 2011

Recent news reports have posted this story:

Timothy Dolan, the Roman Catholic archbishop of New York (photo right), on Sunday prayed for the defeat of a gay marriage bill in the Empire State. During Sunday’s prayer service at St. Patrick’s cathedral in New York City, Dolan said: “Any presumption to redefine that sacred vocabulary, I’m afraid is at our common peril.”

After his unsuccessful plea apparently fell on deaf divine ears, and the vote to approve gay marriage was passed, opponents of the ruling were seen praying in the state house in Albany, one holding a rosary in his hand.

So, I wonder just what all these prayers say; perhaps this:

Dear (Christian) God in heaven, I beseech you to inspire our legislators (including the Jews, non-believers and non-practicing theists among them) to resist the equality measures being imposed on us that propose to treat all citizens alike, to offer free choice of relationship form and bond.
Please do not let the radical liberal gay agenda foist human dignity and ‘pursuit of happiness’ upon our sexist, patriarchal, discriminatory ecclesiastical and idolatrous traditions (that protect dirty secrets of child abuse).
Please don’t let them misuse the issues of love and compassion to persuade legislators to vote for fairness and legal equality. Don’t let long-term gay and lesbian couples committed together for 30, 40 or 50 years deter you from seeing such illicit relationships as sinful, immoral or diseased. And move especially against happy young couples since it can only lead to debauchery and disease.
Please see the truth of these fervent homophobic prayers and intercede directly into the minds of those secularist senators who live too much in this progressive era of human rights, with “liberty and justice for all”. Amen
(Photo right: Richard Adrian Dorr and John Mace, together 61 years)