Ya gotta love the old guy who said this:

“We should not accept religious literature instead of scientific report.” The Delhi High Court bench headed by Chief Justice A P Shah remarked in response to a Solicitor General who cited an article condemning gay sex by quoting the Bible.

“These are not scientific reports. These are articles quoting Bible which is a propaganda. Your arguments should be based on scientific reports. Show us scientific reports which justify criminalisation of such acts (gay sex),” the Times of India quoted the Bench.

If only other national courts and legislatures would listen to such wisdom we would have societies dominated more by humanistic values than by religious bigotry and irrational political opinions.

Carry on Chief Justice A P Shah!

And may your words be heard around this troubled gay-hating world. Human development cannot progress forward with one foot stuck in gross ignorance, fear and hatred–against any minority.

Link to the Times of India story here.

By Richard Ammon
July 10, 2011