Gay Libya 2017–No Place, No Peace

A gay refugee Khaleed from Libya has said “the issue of the many armed militias is one of the most urgent facing Libya’s new provisional government… this is also the biggest issue gay Libya.  The second is building civil society, law and order and stabilizing the economy’, which does not appear to be happening any

Mauritania Gay Comments

On my website I do not have an informative descriptive story about LGBT life in Mauritania. There is virtually nothing about the country’s homosexual citizens on the entire Internet. And for good reason: the country, located in northwest Africa, is dominated by Sharia Muslim law, which as most of us know is vehemently gay-dangerous.

Tunisian LGBT Community Making Strides

  The first official LGBT advocacy group and gay pride parade seem promising, but discrimination and imprisonment are still real threats.   By Thessa Lageman  8 July 2015 There are about seven organisations in Tunisia that fight for the rights of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community (LGBT), but you wouldn’t know it

Gay Uganda: Interviews with Activists

Introduction The country may be homophobic and the politicians and clerics may be close-minded but that does not stop Uganda’s LGBT activists from charging on with hope and integrity. In Memorium: On February 26, 2011 one of Uganda’s finest and most outspoken LGBT rights activist, David Kato, was murdered in cold blood in his home. Friends and

Gay Malawi: Focused and Determined

Gay Malawi Introduction: Despite it’s low profile on the world stage, the small southern African territory called Malawi contains a wondrous variety of scenery, tribal traditions, modern innovation and a nascent and determined gay organization focused around health education and human rights. Within this conservative homophobic culture LGB citizens have found effective ways of survival.

Being Gay in Algeria Today

Intro: Living their sexuality mostly in hiding, the gays of Algeria are cautiously more evident, but face a reactionary social mentality. The penal code severely condemns homosexuality so gays are faced with major difficulties for meeting or socializing. The Internet is helpful but finding privacy is a problem.

Gay Morocco–Myths and Realities 2015

Introduction: Morocco is an ancient civilization steeped in history and hormones, a gold mine for the archeologist and psychologist. If you go looking for the gay ‘scene’ in Morocco, you won’t find it, and if you’re not looking, guy-sex situations will likely unfold. Paradoxical and elusive, male sexuality in Morocco is veiled, ambiguous in meaning, easily bisexual and not used for identity.

Gay Botswana – An Historic Event Unfolds

Intro: “Botswana’s High Court announced on June 11, 2019 to decriminalize gay sex, and people are rejoicing the “life-changing” decision”.
Peaceful Botswana in southern Africa is both modern-urban and simple-rural; rich and poor, prosperous and challenged, with both an anti-gay law and a playful assertive gay community that breathes freely. It’s a huge country with elephants, deserts, paved roads, a tolerant President and intolerant churches, a big university and various gay-friendly venues and many out, young and bold LGBTs.

Gay Life in Benin

Benin has suffered the historic fate of being a major slave trade center in the 19th century as well as a victim of French imperialism from 1892 to 1960. After independence there was warfare between competing tribes for power which destabilized the country, becoming a Marxist country for 20 years, in the 1970s and 80s. More recently, with acceptable elections, the country seems stabilized. But there is much recovery to be made. The literacy rate in Benin is among the lowest in the world: in 2002 it was estimated to be 34.7%. Same-sex sexual acts are recently legal in Benin but this does not mean that they are approved by the general population. This story is in four parts.

Gay Uganda: A Dangerous Place

Dangerous liaisons: Meeting up with Uganda LGBT activists Sam Ganafa and Long Jones By JP Conly, RN January 23rd, 2014 Originally published i the San diego Gay and Lesbian News Before traveling to Uganda I heard about the shocking arrest of Sam Ganafa, an LGBT activist who is executive director of Spectrum Uganda Initiative and

Uganda : Homophobic Law Passed

How things quickly turned wrong in Uganda JP Conly December 27th, 2013 Originally published in the San Diego Gay and Lesbian News Since JP Conly returned home the Uganda Parliament voted, on 20 December 2013, to approve the Anti-Homosexuality Bill that creates harsh prison sentences for anyone convicted of being a “repeat offender” and sends

Uganda: Grateful to Volunteer

Grateful to volunteer in Uganda By JP Conly, RN December 12th, 2013 This is the first of three reports originally published in the San Diego Gay and Lesbian News. (JP Conly, a nurse from San Diego, found clinic conditions to be minimal in Uganda and their need for our help) As a nurse and a

Tunisia, La Marsa & Gammarth Towns

La Marsa is an upscale suburban town north of the capital of Tunis, located on the Mediterranean Sea. It is a pleasant beach town and popular in the summer with many restaurants and a few hotels. It is also home to numerous affluent Tunisians and expats who enjoy the ambiance. I rented an apartment here

Tunisia, Sidi Bou Said Town

Sidi Bou Said is a small suburban town near Tunis. The town itself is an attractive tourist location known for the extensive use of blue and white colors on buildings. Here is located the former palace of Rodolfe d’Erlanger, a wealthy French banker who built his manse overlooking the sea between 1909 and 1921. He

Tunisia, Carthage Ruins

Modern Carthage is an upscale suburb of Tunis, Tunisia, with a population of about 22,000. Ancient Carthage is believed to have been founded in the 8th century BC then destroyed by warfare with Rome in the 3rd Puni war (149 BC to 146 BC). It was rebuilt by Rome in the 1st century BC to

Tunisia, Tunis Medina

The medina (souq) marketplace is the ancient core of Tunis, since the 7th century. Narrow alleyways are lined with hundreds of tiny shops and stalls selling everything from ladies underwear to sweet pastries. Every corner is a different scene, from pizza bakeries to cafes with hookah pipes for rent. Its crowded, colorful and noisy. The

Tunisia, Bardo Museum

The Bardo Museum in the capital city of Tunis contains the world’s largest collection of Roman mosaics as well as hundreds of Roman and Greek eras bronze and marble statuary. It was recently enlarged and renovated to better display the thousands of artifacts of Tunisia’s ancient history.    

Gay Life in Tunisia

Introduction: There are countless reports from many Arab/Muslim societies about persecution, harassment or imprisonment of gay citizens, from Egypt to Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia where intolerance is the common rule. But Tunisia has a history of moderation and balance between Western and Muslim ideas and lifestyles. Indeed, I saw many Mercedes and BMWs and upscale Euro-style clothing and homes in Tunis. Ironically much of this happened under the 24-year governance of a corrupt and dictatorial president who was driven from office in early 2011 that started the infamous ‘Arab Spring.’

For this story I did not meet LGBT people who were living in fear or shame. This is not to suggest LGBT Tunisians are out and free. Most are not and they live within the confines and closets imposed by conservative Muslim dictates of modesty and discretion. The people I interviewed were fortunate not to be fearful in their daily lives. Both were comfortable talking aloud to me as I took notes and asked personal questions about their lives, loves and sexuality.