Dongdan Park in Beijing is a Gay Men’s Risk Point

An informative news report for those of us interested in Chinese LGBT culture. Unfortunately, for some individuals seeking pleasure and privacy such stories expose them to risk, harassment and arrest since authorities also read newspapers and scan the Net. It always problematic for journalists who want to expand awareness and provide information to relevant readers

Beyond homophobia into the realm of stardom

Missouri just got its first ever out lesbian Miss Missouri. News like this just twists my mind around in dazzled amazement of modern LGBT life. From the horrors of Orlando to the pink-tinted Tony Awards to the first-ever Namibia Pride Festival to the Syrian gay refugees escaping war  to the brilliance of gay teen scientist

Step Back to Biblical Times

Well folks, here’s your chance to step back in time, step back in progress, step back in thinking, step back in science and step back into biblical times when the world was flat—and have tax payers pay for it!

Does Humanity Deserve This Planet?

How utterly tragic. As billions of dollars are spend on warfare and as combatants violently die in blood, other countries slowly die of starvation. Does humanity deserve this planet?  

Assassinations in Orlando

The assassinations in Orlando were horribly targeted at Latinos, Gays (some with same-sex spouses), Secular Americans, Open-minded Citizens by an evil ISIS-made villain drowned in psychotic propaganda intent on destroying our integrity, freedom and joyous living. The bullets came from the darkest part of one man’s soul to mow us down and throw us into

Portraits of LGBT couples kissing

Forty-three portraits of LGBT couples kissing are a soothing balm in these days of sorrow. Forty-nine of our brothers and sisters are gone but there are still millions of us still breathing and in love. See the images here:

Another Face of Homophobia–In Ourselves

Most of the dead, injured and uninjured in the Orlando club were LGBT, many proudly so. However, the suffering of a number of survivors, we are now discovering, is compounded by more homophobia, this time within the LGBT community. Some in the Pulse crowd were not out to their families because of their own ‘internal

Istanbul Pride Banned by Authorities

In these sad times of massacres and individual assassinations here is more violation of LGBT life: Istanbul Pride Banned by Authorities What are these people so afraid of?! LGBTs don’t carry guns or riot in the streets or attack innocent villages or invent frauds or take corrupt bribes or car-bomb civilians or … Our ‘agenda’

Russia Targets Gay Emojis

Seen this? Just think how many hundreds of thousands of people around the world are involved in the business of homophobia. From official authorized censors, police, prosecutors to NGO charities that defile us to local vigilante gangs that hunt us down to damage or kill us to bloggers who vilely obsess on our bedroom

Traveling to Homophobic Destinations–or Not

A by-product of homophobia is a backlash of hysteria from travelers who over-simplify and exaggerate homophobia in foreign countries. As the owner and writer for (a LGBT travel and culture website) I have been to most countries. See: I have never encountered in-my-face discrimination traveling alone or with my husband. During my visits