“Four proposals — two sponsored by Republicans and two by Democrats — are expected to fail today in a replay of the voting in December, after the attack in San Bernardino, Calif.
Several moderate Republicans are working on a compromise measure, but they and Democrats face an uphill fight because of the threat of opposition from the National Rifle Association.” (NYTimes today)

gun sales“…threat of opposition from the National Rifle Association” !! Since when do we let a special interest group dictate the establishment of public safety laws?? Auto makers did not dictate the laws about seat belts? No passenger was allowed to dictate TSA airport safety rules. No food manufacturer was allowed to dictate health standards. Drug companies cannot dictate which medicines are safe.

Yet the tobacco and gun lobbyists are allowed to dictate laws regarding public health. This is dangerous business. Our gutless congress must control the NRA, not the opposite. We need intelligent gun control. ‘Smart guns’ are intelligent and safe guns. Congress should mandate all guns be smart guns and forbid the manufacture and sale and possession of semi-automatic guns.