A Momentous Occasion in Europe for LGBT Citizens
It’s a great moment, like a sunrise at sea–but will some individual states find loopholes to opt out?
This is surely one of the most contentious issues of modern civilization but unlike war and pestilence it harms no one. It is an issue of peace and compassion and freedom–like religion without the bigotry. The EU has been an advocate for LGBT rights since its founding in November 1993 but some members declined to accept all the EU’s human rights standards and allowed anti-gay right-wing gangs and churches and politicians to continue their homophobic pogroms of prejudice and discrimination.
Today’s assent by all member states is a hopeful sign of social shift so desperately needed–by all minorities. The tribes of Europe are much in cultural agony over differences among them, especially as war-zone populations emigrate away from death and destruction. Today’s vote is another sunrise of hope. Fingers crossed.