For those of us who had missing fathers when we were young, the ‘lost chord’ remains. As times have moved into a new age of family-making there are young boys and girls who are blessed to have two fathers or two moms. Last year a video came across the Net from Holland of a twelve year-old guy singing ‘Two Fathers’ at a youth concert, surrounded by hundreds of other kids who joined in the song of praise for his two dads. The song’s refrain:
I have two fathers, two real fathers, sometimes cool and sometimes strict, but it’s going great with us,two real fathers, who if they have to, both can be my mother…

The real and symbolic meaning of this presentation has force at different levels. The personal emotional power of the words, the magical rhythm of the music, the celebration of love between parents and children, the out and proud social presence of same-sex couples, the public concertizing of homophiliac love, the recognition and celebration by a liberated culture, the powerful freedom of expression of all that – is captured in this video of youthful innocence singing about his family. There is much talk and writing about this new form of family but this is the first ‘anthem’ I’ve heard about true-love-two-dads. It is worth every note and word and smile.

Love knows no form, no gender, no age, no orientation, no wealth, no power, no limit.

See this wonderful video of music, love, childhood fun, peer approval–a vision of the future:  click here.

For anyone who feels weighed down by the hate, homophobia, fear-mongering and bigotry against homosexual people, this video is a balm, a soothing reminder that gay life is cheerful, tender, child-loving, compassionate and worthy of song and praise.