An informative news report for those of us interested in Chinese LGBT culture.

Unfortunately, for some individuals seeking pleasure and privacy such stories expose
them to risk, harassment and arrest since authorities also read newspapers and scan the Net.
It always problematic for journalists who want to expand awareness and provide information
to relevant readers but also may put some LGBTs in harm’s way.
There are countless other furtive meeting places around the world that serve a social function especially in repressed societies, from Iran to Zimbabwe to Siberia. I have seen such places and am forced to edit my words to disguise and protect patrons and locations. But such places (for gays and straights) will always exist since there is now and always has been a human need for physical intimate contact. In rare instances such hidden havens are allowed
to exist as ‘open secrets’ (Japan, Thailand) or as sanctioned ‘parlors’ (Holland, Philippines) or ‘clubs’ (Germany, Australia).

We are indeed a curious species!

For China’s gay men, Dongdan Park in Beijing offers haven