I wonder how many good or heroic deeds must LGBT citizens perform to bring about a shift in homophobic minds to see us as equally valid, fully functioning and ‘normal’ in this country–and indeed around the world.

We gay people are everywhere in every country as preachers, musicians, policemen, doctors, teachers, mothers and dads, librarians and carpenters–all doing good and benefiting our common humanity. We encounter scorn and danger from religiously brain-washed fellow citizens who cannot stop hating us because of their blind ignorance about human nature and diversity. We are everywhere and everywhere good–like Crystal Griner.

I hope congressman Steve Scalise (R-La.) has full recovery from his bullet wounds–and I hope his near-death experience brings about an epiphany for him about LGBT people;  to realize his life was saved by  the very same type of person he has scorned and rejected in many homophobic speeches and legislative votes against us. Pray for his recovery from both injuries, to his mind and his body.

Crystal Griner.

Her brave (straight) police partner who was also wounded in the gun fight was David Bailey: