February 23, 2017
Last night we went to hear a talk by the world renown astrophysicist Brian Green from Columbia University. Author of ‘The Elegant Universe’ and other books. Brilliant, humorous, well spoken in plain English for the lay audience. The auditorium at Soka University in Mission Viejo was full, including a busload of local high school students.

Green’s talk was about the research discoveries in studying the universe/multiverse around us for billions of miles. The formation of our solar system from Big Bang to today, including the natural wonder of black holes into which we will one day disappear. Then to be reborn in another Bang when the black hole get so small and compacted with energy it cannot hold together–one of millions of black holes in the multiverse in an endless forming and disappearing pulse of the infinite… In case you were wondering our currently known universe (one of millions) is expanding and eventually we will not see any stars (including our sun) because their light cannot escape the black hole that’s sucking us in. So…not to worry; God will save us all–and she has plenty of time to do it!

This is hardly an apt description of his talk since to topic is so complex and enormous. It makes our earthly delights and problems so infinitesimally minute as to make us irrelevant and invisible. Yet we humanoids are so full of our own gravity-bound egos and politics and religions and industries that we pay no attention to the world around us… What is the effect of the expanding universe having on our planet and our climate?