Handsome, talented Russian violinist posts a touching video about his painful and difficult coming out:

A gay Russian violinist comes out on social media

Artem Kolesov, first violinist of the Chicago-based Yas Quartet, has been outraged by reports of gay oppression in Chechnya. So he decided to publish a video testament on being young, Russian and gay.

Artem, 23, has addressed his statement in Russian (with English subtitles) to his homeland, aware that in doing so he could face penalties if ever he returns.

This brave, heartfelt, sometimes tearful confession is compelling viewing. It is as much about being Russian in the 21st century as it is about being gay.

Story by Norman Lebrecht to slippedisc.com

Artem’s video can be seen at: https://slippedisc.com/2017/04/a-gay-russian-violinist-comes-out-on-social-media/

This is yet another story about being gay in modern Russia where LGBT individuals and activists face state-sponsored persecution if they speak or act in public. When or if Artem returns to Russian he will likely face personal and professional censure; it must not be allowed that a talented musician can also be gay.

Such is the blinkered ignorance and cultural pollution of the Russian state under the brutal leadership of Putin. Artem eloquently articulates his thoughts about the persecution of minorities by narrow-minded so-called religious people and ignorant politicians who refuse to acknowledge the diversity of human nature in his country.

In the video he says “It’s been almost a month since I told my mom that I’m gay. One of the requests she had for me was to not tell anyone about it. I knew why she asked this of me, for the same reason as my older brother. They are ashamed to have a gay son or brother…”

This is not called progress for civilization. It is what keeps the world mired in fear and ignorance and hate and war.  Bravo for Artem.