In 2017 the PRO-LGBT leader Kristi Pinderi (photo attached) announced the rights group will file a lawsuit requesting equal recognition of gay relationships. This is a far cry from the repression of the communist regime that ended in 1985 under which LGBTs were imprisoned and tortured. What makes the difference? ‘Blood. sweat and tears’, literally, and changes in the laws of the country.

Over the past 30 years gay people have been brutalized, have hidden in fear and have cried over the loss of dignity and friends. But the fourth ‘force’, the laws, have pushed against this in Albania to include legalization of homosexuality and legal protection against discrimination and violence. Now there is another force–courage to use the laws and push against homophobia and advocate for equality and dignity. A new generation of LGBT activists are breaking up the hate and bigotry that has dominated Albanian society for generations. It is a new world and people like Kristi Pinderi want to live and love in peace–and they will!

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