How Did These Homophobes Lose Their Humaneness?

(Humaneness: marked by compassion, sympathy, or consideration for humans or animals) Well, isn’t this a sweet headline from a government official: Ugandan Ethics Minister James Nsaba Buturo spoke with journalists today. While acknowledging the great numbers of “foreigners” who express grave concern over the possibility of such a [proposed anti-gay] bill becoming law, he made

Proposed Anti Homosexuality Bill in Uganda

  Westhampton, MA – October 15, 2009 Richard Ammon –   Sexual Minorities of Uganda (SMUG) Condemnthe Proposed Anti-homosexuality Bill Last year GlobalGayz visited Uganda and met several of the LGBT activists involved in SMUG and other rights organizations. Their story is one of persecution, clandestine living, arrests and police abuse. Just before and after

The Complex Mind of a Nobel Prize Scientist, Demonized as a Pedophile

Westhampton, MA – September 27, 2009 Richard Ammon – This is a very sad story of world-class Nobel recipient gay man whose decades-long research made significant discoveries into a degenerative brain disease that struck particularly at children known as kuru–now known as the deadly Mad Cow Disease. For his work on kuru, Dr. Daniel

UK Government Aplogy to WW2 Hero Alan Turing

Westhampton, MA – September 11, 2009 Richard Ammon – On September 10, 2009, the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown officially apologized to Alan Turing for the UK Government’s persecution of this WWII hero because of his homosexuality. Turing brilliantly invented his ‘Turing Bombe’ that crucially helped crack the German Enigma coded messages (sometimes thousands

Homophobic Discrimination Against Straight Athlete

Westhampton, MA – September 4, 2009 Richard Ammon – The Amateur Boxing Association of Thailand (ABAT) has discriminated against a straight boxer for posing suggestively for the cover of a gay magazine. This is a new take on homophobic discrimination: instead of acting prejudicially against a gay person, the ABAT has discriminated against a

Major Lesbian Publication Issued from Copenhagen Conference

Posted by Richard Ammon, GlobalGayz.comI was fortunate to attend the July 2009 OutGames and Human Rights Conference in Copenhagen, Denmarkwhere the following publication was presented by ILGA on behalf of worldwide lesbian activists and supporters. In the past decade lesbians have taken their full place on the world stage of human rights advocacy. Once relegated