Westhampton, MA – September 5, 2009
Richard AmmonGlobalGayz.com

Let the Taliban have Afghanistan! They want a place to rule with primitive Sharia law so let them have that poor wretched patch so they can suppress people and move back in time—and in the process destroy the poppy crops and stop the warlords from seducing young trophy boys.

It is not America’s job to interfere with a foreign country’s own internal fate, for better or worse. (Afghanistan is a lot closer to Russia, China, India with their huge armies. Let them keep an eye on the Taliban.) Let the Taliban rule there. Just as we have let the lunacy happen in North Koreaand Iran and Zimbabwe and Gabon and Kenya and Kazakhstan and Burma... If Karzai can’t win honestly we should not support him.

If we are looking to revenge 9-11 we have failed: more American’s have been killed (including Iraq) since 9-11 than on 9-11! How many more young American men and women and Afghan citizens do we want to sacrifice to the ill-planned Bush policy of revenge warfare? How many dead American young soldiers will it cost to put Afghani girls in school – and keep them there?

Recall that the communists took Russia, China, Cuba, Vietnam and several African countries ( Mozambique, Angola, Congo and Ethiopia all became Marxist-Leninist states for a while)…and then what happened? One by one they failed or changed because their idea of good governance failed and their economies steered them elsewhere to better prosperity.

Let the ‘market’ prevail and bad governance will fail, just as communism did and the Taliban will.

I voted for Obama because he is intelligent and thoughtful. If he lets the war-mongering military-industrial manipulators and overfed US Congress hawks override the wisdom available from history he will also fail like Johnson and Bush. The British got out of Africa and Asia after a century of countless deaths; we should too. America started with a revolution – let others have theirs.

‘Saving face’ is a pitiful excuse for sending our troops in harm’s way and bringing them home in a box or a wheelchair.

Let the Taliban have Afghanistan: they almost have it already: “The Taliban is today classified by security analysts as an “alternative government” in Afghanistan. It operates fifteen Sharia law courts in the country’s southern provinces handling civil and commercial cases and collects taxes on harvests in farming areas.”