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Gay Uganda: Interviews with Activists

Introduction The country may be homophobic and the politicians and clerics may be close-minded but that does not stop Uganda’s LGBT activists from charging on with hope and integrity. In Memorium: On February 26, 2011 one of Uganda’s finest and most outspoken LGBT rights activist, David Kato, was murdered in cold blood in his home. Friends and

Gay Uganda: A Dangerous Place

Dangerous liaisons: Meeting up with Uganda LGBT activists Sam Ganafa and Long Jones By JP Conly, RN January 23rd, 2014 Originally published i the San diego Gay and Lesbian News Before traveling to Uganda I heard about the shocking arrest of Sam Ganafa, an LGBT activist who is executive director of Spectrum Uganda Initiative and

Uganda : Homophobic Law Passed

How things quickly turned wrong in Uganda JP Conly December 27th, 2013 Originally published in the San Diego Gay and Lesbian News Since JP Conly returned home the Uganda Parliament voted, on 20 December 2013, to approve the Anti-Homosexuality Bill that creates harsh prison sentences for anyone convicted of being a “repeat offender” and sends

Uganda: Grateful to Volunteer

Grateful to volunteer in Uganda By JP Conly, RN December 12th, 2013 This is the first of three reports originally published in the San Diego Gay and Lesbian News. (JP Conly, a nurse from San Diego, found clinic conditions to be minimal in Uganda and their need for our help) As a nurse and a

Gay Uganda: a Bigot’s View

A biased news article composed by an ill-informed reporter about gays in the capital city Kampala. It is poorly focused, punctuated with useless hearsay including quotes from ‘professionals’ with outdated and irrelevant ideas about the ’cause’ of homosexuality. It’s a daunting–and typical–introduction to Ugandan public attitudes toward lesbigay citizens in that country.