Bosnia Activists Hope EU Bid Will Help End Anti-LGBT Violence

“Most people keep their sexuality a secret. There is lots of discrimination here.” Gay campaigners are hoping that Bosnia’s bid to join the European Union, which has put its human rights record under greater scrutiny, will lead to change.   By Morgan Meaker Associated Press Thomson Reuters Foundation December 1, 2015   Sarajevo, Bosnia

Portugal – Coimbra University and Town

Coimbra was the capital of Portugal (from 1131 to 1255). Still visible today are Roman artifacts such as the aqueduct and the cryptoporticus (a semi-subterranean gallery with vaulted ceiling). The most outstanding feature in the city is the University of Coimbra founded in 1537. It is the oldest academic institution in the Portuguese-speaking world. The

Portugal – Obidos Town

Obidos is an ancient walled Roman town that was taken over by the Visigoths from the north in medieval times. These rulers fell to the Arab Moors in the 9th century and were in turn defeated by a Portuguese army led by the first king of Portugal Alfonso Henriques in 1148. It has been been

Gay Greenland–Past and Present

Intro: Greenland is a model of how the whole world could be if we removed politics and religion from human rights; peaceful and tolerant with no guns, no gay marriage bans, no ranting anti-gay clergy or politicians and no radical fairies. As for gay marriage Greenland was distinct among almost every other country in the world; there were no demands in the streets for marriage equality, no lengthy advocacy, very little governmental debate and virtually no media coverage. It quietly passed in the parliament.

Portugal – Sagres Town Photos

Sagres was founded in the 15th century. Other than its coastal location for a fort and a lighthouse it was of little importance. It remained an independent municipality until 1834 with barely 400 inhabitants. Its most famous resident was Prince Henry the Navigator who started a nautical school that supported Portuguese commercial explorations around the

Portugal – Estremoz

Estremoz is a modest town in central Portugal with a population of about 15,000. The area has seen human habitation since pre-historic times. Over the centuries various conquering armies and of  Romans, Visigoths , Moors and Muslims have occupied  the land at various time. All are gone now and a modern republic of Portugal has

Portugal, Mertola

The town of Mértola has around 2800 inhabitants. It is located on a hill by the Guadiana River and its strategic location made it an historic important fluvial commercial port from ancient antiquity through the period of Islamic domination (711-1238). Among the vestiges of its past, Mértola’s main church was the only medieval mosque to

Gay Life in Modern Portugal

A few days in Lisbon is enough to whet one’s appetite for more of this vibrant, stylish, culinary-dense, historic and trendy city. It’s also in the forefront of Gay Life in Europe.   By Richard Ammon March 2015 (most photos by   Lisbon is alive with countless cafes serving up a thousand menus

Portugal – Sagres Town

Sagres is a town in the southwest coastal corner of Portugal. The population in 2011 was 1,909. The town overlooks some of the Algarve’s most beautiful scenery. There is an ‘end-of-the-world’ feel with its sea-carved cliffs and empty desolate fortress high above the ocean. It is historically associated to Portugal’s impressive nautical past, but today

Gay Life in Ukraine 2012-14

Introduction There are many fronts in the universal struggle for gay rights and LGBT equality. Some of these fronts are violent, some are passive, some are out and proud and colorful while others are underground. All of them involve courage, stealth, strategic planning, public relations, political lobbying and greater or lesser amounts of money. In

Gay Ukraine After the Revolution: Life is Dangerous

Activist Globa Bogdan, who had his hopes for Kiev Pride dashed this year, says the culture of machismo threatens LGBT Ukrainians.   By Thom Senzee July 09 2014 The Advocate ( (Photo right: activist Globa Bogdan at Baltimore Pride 2013 ) For Bogdan Globa, founder and executive director of Tochka Opory|Fulcrum, an LGBT rights advocacy

Russian Gay Activist Speaks Out 2013

Gay City News October 2, 2013. By Doug Ireland Nikolai Baev, 38, (photo right)  is a veteran Russian gay activist born and raised in Moscow. He founded the first gay group in the city of Novosibirsk when he was a university student there, and is one of the original organizers of the efforts to stage

Belgium, Brussels City Walkabout

Brussels is the capital and largest city of Belgium and the capital of the European Union (EU). The city has a population of 1.2 million and a metropolitan area with a population of over 1.8 million. Over the millennium it has a tumultuous history of invasion, revolts and conquests. In World War I Brussels was

Belgium, Antwerp City Walkabout

Antwerp is a city and municipality in Belgium with a population of about 510,600. The Antwerp metropolitan area is currently the second largest in Belgium. The city is located on the river Scheldt, which is linked to the North Sea by the Westerschelde estuary. The Port of Antwerp is one of the biggest ports in

Belgium, Brugge City

Bruges (Dutch: Brugge) is the capital and largest city of the province of West Flanders in the Flemish Region of Belgium in the northwest of the country. The city’s total population is 117,073 of which around 20,000 live in the city centre. The metropolitan area has a total of 255,844 inhabitants. Because of it numerous

Belgium, Ypres City

The Ypres municipality comprises the city of Ypres and ten small villages, home to some 34,900 inhabitants. During World War I, Ypres was the centre of intense and sustained battles between German and Allied forces. Ypres is an ancient town, known to have been raided by the Romans in the first century BC. During the Middle