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Gay Slovenia

Intro: Slovenia, a former Yugoslavia republic, is a small pretty country of mountains, fertile pastures and picturesque villages. Old town Ljubljana looks storybook. History stretches back to Roman times. Having escaped the horrors of the 90’s Balkan wars for the most part, the citizens here have moved forward with modest prosperity. Homophobia exists of course but it has not been violent or virulently religious. Gay activists work busily and quietly to push for more complete partnership recognition and registration.

It’s Normal to be Gay: Worldwide Gay Survey

Intro: Despite daunting persecution of gays in many countires, a guest author surveys mid-nineties optimistic gains in gay expression, gay pride activity and legal status around the world. Bangkok   by John Duvoli The Economist Revised June 1, 2008 Photos by Richard Ammon                                                                         Across the world a radical idea about homosexuals is gaining ground: