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A Brief History of Gay Poland

A scholar who specializes in Polish history offers a convenient summary of Poland, Warsaw and the erratic history of homosexual life in this often-invaded and defiant country. Also see: Gay Poland Stories Gay Poland News & Reports 2001 to present Gay Poland Photo Galleries This report is taken mostly from: An Encyclopedia of Gay, Lesbian,

Poland’s Gays Awake Gradually to a New Era

Gay life is gaining steam slowly in very Catholic and very heterosexist Poland. With the weakening of the Catholic Church’s influence, the increased role of the Internet and Poland’s entry into the European Union (with it’s pro-gay laws), a place in the sun is being urged by an increasingly bold LGBT community. But the battlelines are clearly drawn as loud protests disrupted gay pride events in May and June 2004.

A guest author, a correspondent for the Chicago Tribune, offers a modern re-appraisal of gay life in Warsaw. From the grim and rusted Soviet repression a new era of openness and courage spurs homosexuality to dare to speak its name–despite strong ‘spiritual violence’ from conservative and religious activists.