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Gay Greece–Crete

A Gay Traveller on Crete, Greece: Traveler and writer Tim Mitchel sent this first hand report from Greece’s largest Mediterranean island. By Tim Mitchell Special report to June 2013 Say ‘Greece’ to most gay men and they will immediately say ‘Mykonos’, even if they haven’t been there. But of course Mykonos is not Greece

Gay Mykonos

By Stuart Haggas Passport Magazine July 2009 Said to be named after Mykons, the grandson of the god Apollo, the Greek island of Mykonos is a legend in its own right. The ancient Greek celebration of homosexuality and male beauty, and their penchant for decadence and debauchery, still flourish here during the midsummer heat. Famous

Gay and Ancient Greece

Intro: Among the many splendors of Greece, the city of Athens and the islands of Mykonos, Santorini and Lesbos head the list for lesbigay pilgrims. For those in search of a sexually muffled pilgrimage, try a boat ferry to the monastic peninsula of all-male Mount Athos. Between these two different worlds is a Greek culture slowly changing to accommodate new concepts of Human Rights with Orthodox traditions.