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Spain – Toledo

Toledo (population about 80,000) is a picturesque city located on a hill nearly surrounded by the River Tajo. It is layered with past civilizations from the early Romans through the Visigoths, Muslims, Christians to today’s invading tourists. The entire old city is walled into one great plien-air museum of ancient palaces, churches and fortresses mixed

Spain – Seville: Holy Week

Seville is home to over 700,000 citizens and is famous for its festivals and celebrations. During Holy week (week before Easter) Seville is host to more than fifty religious processions, six or eight a day from different parish chruches, that wend their separate ways through the city. Each one passes through the huge cathedral and

Spain – Trujillo City

Trujillo is a town of about 10,000 residents. From this small place Pizarro set off in 1502 to explore the New World. His adventures are now etched in history as leader of the conquistadores who made bloody conquest of the central American Inca empire. In his trail came a flow of Christian Spaniards to new

Spain – Seville: City

Seville is home to over 700,000 citizens and is famous for its festivals and celebrations. It’s enormous 16th century cathedral is one of the largest in the world. Next door is the sprawling palace-fortress Alcazar started in the 10th century. The old town is packed full of parks, cafes, restaurants, churches and local shops. There

Spain – Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol in southern Spain is Europe’s winter holiday destination. Countless thousands of condos, tourists and houses crowd the beaches and inland areas. From Torremolinos to Marbella is nicknamed the ‘Gold Coast’. Read the story about gay Spain  

Spain – Malaga

Malaga is an ancient port city now home to half a million people. Its Mediterranean coast lends to a casual exuberance among natives and visitors. The classic old town centers around the enormous 16th-17th century cathedral and the 11th century Alcazaba that’s next to the 8th century Castillo de Gibralfaro. More modern history is found

Spain – Cordoba

Cordoba is a city of 315,000 that presents Spain’s long history as a Muslim and Christian country. The old city vibrates with cafes, restaurants, museums, landmarks and narrow streets. The ancient Mezquita (8th century Mosque, now a church) is an architectural wonder with its cross influences of Islam and Christianity. Nearby is the Alcazar that

Spain – Almagro & Calatrava

Almagro, a charming town of 14,000 declared as a Historic-Artistic Site, lies in the county of Campo de Calatrava near Ciudad Real, south of Madrid. The history of this town in La Mancha is closely linked to the history of the theatre, as one can appreciate in the Open Air Theatre, the National Theatre Museum

Spain – El Escorial

El Escorial is one of Europe’s largest and most magnificent royal buildings. It’s a palace, basilica, monastery, art gallery, museum, library and royal mausoleum first started in the 16th century. This architectural wonder overflows with great sculpture, paintings, frescos, inlaid wood and marble, stunning tapestries, extensive gardens and an incomparable mausoleum where Spain’s deceased royalty

Spain – Madrid: Chueca District

The Chueca District is home to much of the LGBT community in Madrid, but not all. There are boutique clothing stores with the usual erotic displays, many cafes and pubs and shops. The Berkana Bookstore is a landmark venue with literature, videos, small cafe and gifts. The COGAM gay center is also in this area