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Gay Australia 2009: Sydney Cares

  Sydney has an energy as vibrant as any world-class city and the LGBT gay energy is equally vital as life moves along the famous Oxford Street lined with its gay cafes, clubs, bars, discos, fashion shops, organizations and restaurants (including Betty’s Soup Kitchen). The popular LGBT venues are easy to find in this city

Gay Tasmania, Australia, 2009

  Distant and remote as Tasmania may be, 150 miles off the south coast of Australia, it still has a full story to tell about gay life, from a sad and tormented beginning to fulfilling and modern LGBT scene.  There is much to tell about this picturesque state (Australia has six states and two terrtories).

Gay Life Way Down Under – Tasmania

Richard Ammon – Hobart, Tasmania, November 9, 2009 Gay life is everywhere, as we know, even here in Tasmania. Some people think of this place as some remote Africa country hardly worth mentioning. But they couldn’t be more wrong. Tasmania is Australia’s southernmost state, off the south coast of the continent and separated by

Gay Australia and Gay Games VI 2002

Intro: Sydney Australia was the host city for the fabulous sixth Gay Games and Cultural Festival held November 2-9, 2002. For a week the city was indeed at the end of the rainbow as athletes and spectators flooded stadiums and cafes with excitement and color. Following the competitions, I traveled across this great continent-country all the way to Perth on the Indian Ocean interviewing lesbigay folks in the major cities along the way: Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, as well as some Aboriginal gays I met along the way.