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Gay Syrian Asylum Seekers Face Threats From Fellow Refugees in Europe

As if fleeing from tyranny and war are not enough, Syrian LGBT refugees face continued abuse and hostility from other non-gay refugees in Europe.   By Anthony Faiola Washington Post October 24, 2015   Dresden, Germany Rami Ktifan made a snap decision to come out. A fellow Syrian had spotted a rainbow flag lying

Gay in Syria During a War

The revolution in Syria has put thousands of gay people at high risk of torture and death from all fighting sides–Islamist extremists, Assad loyalists and opposition rebels. It is currently one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a LGBT person. There is no mercy from any of these warring parties. The

Gay Life in Syria: Changing Realities

Introduction A recent report from the website GayMiddle East offers an update about “Gay Life in Syria”, somewhat positive but with ever-present changes in the political milieu that has historically repressed gay citizens. Privately, however, this hidden population adapts to the changes and continues on with life in the closet even as there are improved

Gay Syria 2004 – Personal Stories

Introduction A guest writer, a native Syrian man, tells his secret of self-discovery in a very secretive culture. He ponders why Syria has little understanding about homosexuality. This is followed by a very different narrative by a gay American visitor about his steamy night in a bath house in Damascus. He finds “Gay Syria” an