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Gay Nicaragua and Latino Sexuality

Richard Ammon, Managua, Nicaragua Update January 2015 As expected, the hub of LGBT activity is found in big cities so it was no surprise to find it in Managua the capital of Nicaragua. What was a surprise was finding so many LGBT organizations and finding them collected in one place. Thanks to Marvin Mayorga

Gay Nicaragua – New Life and New Hope 2010

Intro: Nicaragua is a scenic mountain-and-lake country with a variety of social and ethnic groups, including a sizeable LGBT population. Unfortunately most live behind closet doors as the dominant macho/catholic culture has a major influence on sexual lifestyles. But surprisingly, there are several bold and vigorous human rights organizations that are unafraid, especially since homosexuality

Gay Nicaragua: Gay Cultures in Managua

A brief guest commentary by an academic observer reports on the homosexual patterns in this small country long wracked with civil war and politcal corruption. Add these problems to the common ‘gay’ troubles from a strong machismo culture and fervent Catholic bias and life does not appear too rosy for lesbigays here. Also see: Gay