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Copan Ruins and Museum

Copán is an archaeological site of the Maya civilization located in western Honduras. It was the Mayan capital city of a major Classic period kingdom from the 5th to 9th centuries AD. The city was located in the extreme southeast of the Mesoamerican cultural region. Copán had an occupational history that spanned more than two thousand

Town of Copan Ruinas

Copan Ruinas town is a charming quiet place with a dozen streets lined with shops and hotels to accommodate a modest tourist trade on their way to famous Copan Ruins, which are about 1 km away. Colorful buildings, cobblestone sreets and friendly faces; there are numerous entertainments  in addition to the ruins including a large

Tegucigalpa City and Gay Sites

Tegucigalpa (population 1.25 million) is the capital city of Honduras and is also the country’s largest city. The defining event in recent Honduran history, and that of Tegucigalpa also, is Hurricane Mitch, which devastated the country in 1998. Mitch reportedly set the country back 50 years. Tegus is still recovering from the massive flooding of