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Gay Hong Kong Update 2015

LGBT Hong Kong today is alive and well with new faces, venues and activities as it adapts to Chinese rule since 1997. The Pink Dot gay festival and the LGBT film festival were undisturbed during the week of my visit.   By Richard Ammon October 2015   Despite the tension with Beijing, Hong Kong

It’s Normal to be Gay: Worldwide Gay Survey

Intro: Despite daunting persecution of gays in many countires, a guest author surveys mid-nineties optimistic gains in gay expression, gay pride activity and legal status around the world. Bangkok   by John Duvoli The Economist Revised June 1, 2008 Photos by Richard Ammon                                                                         Across the world a radical idea about homosexuals is gaining ground:

Gay Hong Kong

The financial powerhouse of Hong Kong is home to a confident gay community who have become even more politically and socially active since Britain handed over control to China in 1997. Presented here is a ‘longitudinal’ story, from 1997 to present reviewing the scene in this most progressive of Chinese cities.