Richard Ammon, GlobalGayz
Laguna Beach, California
January 5, 2010

How many ways can you kill a person for being gay?

We like to use the word ‘barbarian’ these days to describe ancient war tactics, medieval religious torture and primitive ‘medical’ practices.

But the truth is barbaric practices are in current vogue in certain countries around the world. About 80 countries criminalize homosexual practices and of those about dozen allow the death penalty. Saudi Arabia is the most notorious, followed by Iran and more recently—since we ‘liberated’ it—Iraq.

In Baghdad where gangs seem to regulate the law, death squads have been ferreting out gay men for summary execution. Worse (if that’s possible), even people suspected or accused of being gay are gunned down with no consideration of truth.

In Afghanistan under the Taliban, they toppled brick walls on top of accused gays who were staked to the ground. This usually killed them but if it only severely maimed them, they were set free, as a sign from Allah!

This brings us to the most recent applicant to join the ‘death club’ against gays, Uganda. The trouble has been brewing for 9 months, ever since some anti-gay fundies from America went to Kampala, the capital of Uganda, to hold a pitiful and poorly attended seminar on curing gays of their sinful lifestyle. (Image: Uganda Coat of Arms)

Hardly anyone noticed or cared except the anti-gay press such as the unscrupulous gay-hating tabloid ‘Red Pepper’, which regularly increases its circulation with distorted and scandalous stories about homosexuals. It portrayed the seminar as the ‘second coming’ against the anti-Christ gay enemy.
(The most recent slander came on December 31, 2009 in a full page story with the personal details of people who, allegedly, ‘bankroll Ugandan homos’.)

Worse by far—and the point of this blog–is the infamous action taken a few months ago by a Ugandan parliament member who swallowed the Americans’ homophobic ideas (discredited by virtually all knowledgeable professionals) about the ‘illness’ of homosexuals and how to cure it by prayer.

But why cure them when you just get rid of them?

This first-term MP, David Bahati, subsequently submitted a bill for debate in the national parliament that seeks the death penalty for gays and imposes jail sentences for anyone who does not report them, including parents, pastors and friends.

Despite the fact that homosexuality is already criminalized in Uganda, Bahati felt urged to proposed the ‘final solution’ for same-sexers . And the bill is getting serious support in homophobic Uganda. The bill’s fate should be voted on in early 2010.

Needless to say. great opposition has come from churches, human rights activists worldwide as well as governments including the US, UK, and European Union. Sweden has threatened to cut off its foreign aid to Uganda.

Hmmm…. curing gays by murder in the 21st century civilization. Seems barbarism is alive and well in the service of ignorance and hatred.

Sound shocking doesn’t it, but it’s really happening as I write this.