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Indonesia – Java and Bali

Random images from two islands in Indonesia – Java and Bali Java is an island of Indonesia and the site of its capital city, Jakarta. Once the centre of powerful Hindu kingdoms and the core of the colonial Dutch East Indies, Java now plays a dominant role in the economic and political life of Indonesia.

Indonesia – Sumatra – Parapat Mkt

Located on the eastern shore of Lake Toba, Parapat village is home to various handicraft shops, cafes, several hotels, friendly people and a weekly market at the harbor. From here boats travel across the lake to Tuk Tuk village on Samosir Island and to west shore villages. In Parapat live Batak Toba and Batak Simalungun

Indonesia – Sumatra – Medan City

Medan city is the capitol of Sumatra and Indonesia’s third largest city with about 2 million people. Although it has few attractive tourist sites it is a bustling commercial city with international companies and countless mom-and-pop shops. The two most handsome buildings in town are the great Raya Mosque and the former sultan’s palace, now

Indonesia – Bali – Kuta Bombsite

In early October 2002 terrorists exploded a huge bomb outside two popular nightclubs in Bali killing nearly 300 young people, mostly vacationing Australians. These images were taken two weeks later on a day that (then) President Mrs. Makawati Sukarnoputri visited the site. She is shown wearing a peach-colored outfit and with a rainbow-colored umbrella held