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Gay Brazil 2011

Brazil is a huge place with many faces to its LGBT scene scattered over thousands of miles. My trip this time included Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Iguaca Falls, Florianopolis and the city of Curitiba–more than enough for three weeks. Gay marriage was approved in June 2013.

Gay Brazil 2011–An Enormous Community

Brazil is a dazzle. Every aspect of this huge country overwhelms, challenges, stimulates or puzzles the first time visitor, which I am. I came for three full weeks and each day has been a unique chapter in my memory book–even just driving a car on the main highways here. Brazil decided decades ago, unfortunately, to

Gay Life in Salvador, Brazil

Intro: A guest author from Holland leaps across the Atlantic to far off Salvador city in Brazil where he finds sunshine, passion and willing companions to share languid days and steamy nights. He offers useful insights on realities of money, prostitution, LGBT venues, lesbians and pro-gay laws.

Gay Brazil

Homosexuality in Brazil: Two Stories
(1) A long candid talk with author James N. Green who wrote Beyond Carnival,–“a story of how gays found a way to survive in a society laced with petty prejudices, stereotypes, and violence. In the midst of it all, they managed to create lives for themselves that were full of passion, pain, love, happiness, and a bit of drama.”

(2) This is followed by personal comments by a native gay Brazilian who says “The laws here are very fair towards gays… gays and straights live freely with each other.”