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Gay Israel Stories 2006-12

By way of introduction to this version of gay Israel the story starts with a commentary on WorldPride held in Jerusalem August 2006 during the war with Hezbollah. It speaks to the difficulties that the Pride hosts encountered and the layers of conflict that seem indelible in Israeli culture today. This story goes beyond WorldPride

Gay Israel 2000: Alert and Alive

Intro: Tal Weisberg-Bloch, a gay activist in Haifa, manned the Gay hotline one night as I talked with him about queer life in Israel. Here in the eye of the Arab middle east, under the guns of enemies, surrounded by Torah-thumping Orthodox Jews, inside a conservative and straight secular society–this ‘out and loud’ gay man was pleased to tell us about the significant gains for homosexuals in Israel over the past ten years. A box inside a box inside a box; yet it appears this smallest and innermost cell, the gay community, is also the most liberated and open minded of all the containers that compete for life in this desert land.