Lancut Castle in the town of Lancut. The town in south-eastern Poland, with about 20,000 inhabitants.
In the middle of the town is Lancut Castle, a grand aristocratic palace residence, last owned until 1944 by the Potocki family. It was first built in the years 1629-1641 and reconstructed many times since. The palace is currently a museum particularly well known for its large collection of historic carriages. Since 1961, a well-known classical music festival is held there annually.

Zamosc is a town in southeastern Poland with about 67,000 inhabitants.
During World War II the city itself was renamed "Himmlerstadt" (Himmler City) and the German occupiers had planned the relocation of at least 60,000 ethnic Germans in the area before the end of 1943.
Around 110,000 people from 297 villages were expelled. Around 30,000 victims were children who, if racially "clean" (ie. had physical characteristics deemed "Germanic") were planned for germanisation in German families in the Third Reich.

Today it is well known for Its central square with its beautiful renaissance buildings called the Armenian Quarter.