These two small islands 120 miles (190 kms) off the coast of mainland Greece are famous for being famous. Mykonos has about 11,000 year-round residents, most of whom live in and around the main town of Chora.  The tiny neighboring island of Delos has no permanent inhabitants; it is an outdoor museum of antiquities. The sunny climate and the beautiful beach scenes make tourism the major industry in Mykonos; the nightlife is also a big draw for a worldwide audience. It is a gay-and-straight-friendly destination with many businesses catering for all styles  of patrons.

On Mykonos are ancient settlement remnants dating back to 11th century BCE. Over the past 25 centuries Mykonos has been invaded and fought over by nearly a dozen conquering forces, from Romans and Byzantines to Ottomans and Venetians. The modern peace belies the blood agony of the island’s history. (