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Gay Pakistan 2013

Here is a balanced and intelligent report about gay life in urban Pakistan today. Too often the news from Pakistan is about political and social violence, but behind the headlines and hysteria are many quiet lives going about their affairs with hardly any notice, including homosexual affections and love.   Gay Pakistan: Where sex is

Gay Life in Pakistan — Reflections

As a gay man confessing to being slightly homophobic, Karim nonetheless seems very comfortable with his identity. He says he was conscious of his queerness from an early age, and thus has had time to acknowledge his identity and process it. Despite his ease, however, social acceptance seems far from imminent.   By Hira Nabi January

Gay Pakistan Couple — Interview

Muhajid Ali Tipu and Abdul Wahab Butt have been in love since they were in high school. However, they were never publicly allowed to show their affection for each other because of the conservative social norms of Pakistani society. Here is an interview with two Gay Youths from Pakistan. July 1, 2011   LGBT-Pak

Gay Pakistan – A Complex Society

Introduction Three native Pakistani men write about living inside their sexually ambivalent culture where gay men live behind masks and love in secret. There is a gay subculture in Pakistan but it is virtually invisible and exists only by word of mouth and in furtive situations–in nighttime parks, discrete parties and in one’s imagination or