Muhajid Ali Tipu and Abdul Wahab Butt have been in love since they were in high school. However, they were never publicly allowed to show their affection for each other because of the conservative social norms of Pakistani society. Here is an interview with two Gay Youths from Pakistan.
July 1, 2011


LGBT-Pak – How it feels like to be a Gay in Pakistani society?

Mujahid Ali Tipu – It is quite hard, but not as hard as in neighboring Iran. People have this wrong impression that Pakistanis are intolerant towards gays, but if you compare Pakistan with Iran, there is no de-facto death penalty involved for being a gay.  For example, transgendered people are allowed to come and dance in the weddings. They have been recently granted some rights by the government. I hope, gays and lesbians would be given the same right as transgendered people in the future.

(photo right: Abdul Wahab Butt with Mujahid Ali Tipu)

Abdul Wahab Butt – Yes, I agree with Mujahid. Abdul Wahab Butt (left) with his gay partner Mujahid Ali Tipu

LGBT-Pak – How long have you been in love with each other?

Mujahid Ali Tipu – For the last four years if I remember correctly. When I moved from Islamabad to Sialkot, that is where I met Abdul at Sialkot Public School. It was love at first sight.

Abdul Wahab Butt – Yes… it was love at first sight [smiles]. But we had to be careful during our regular meet-ups because of the general attitude of Pakistani people towards gays.

LGBT-Pak – Do your parents know about your sexual orientation?

Mujahid Ali Tipu – No, they don’t. But my father is a doctor and he is quite liberal. He understands that being gay is not an option, you are born that way. I am preparing myself to come out of my shell and let my parents know about my orientation. I hope they understand…

Abdul Wahab Butt – We are from Kashmiri ‘Butt’ family, and traditionally Butts are very conservative and backward people. I don’t think my parents will ever understand my situation. That is why I am quite afraid to tell them of my sexual orientation.

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