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Reform Judaism backs gay marriage

The Movement for Reform Judaism has officially backed gay marriages in a week in which church leaders have renewed their opposition to marriage equality for gays. The Reform Movement said such a move “can only strengthen society and the institution of marriage”. The Movement joined Liberal Judaism, Unitarians and Quakers in officially supporting equal marriage

Religion and Homosexuality

The intersection of religion and homosexuality is a complex issue indeed. There are homosexuals in every culture and religion in the world. Unfortunately, our common humanity is divided up by dogma,  scripture and institutions of organized faith that reject sexual varieties and endorse discrimination and persecution against gay people. Listed here are numerous reports and commentaries from

Hinduism and Homosexuality

Hinduism and Homosexuality: Essays 1 Being gay and Hindu may win Pakistani DJ asylum in USA 6/03 2 Gay Sikhs: ‘You’re not alone’ 4/08 3 Asian countries urged to address HIV and AIDS in MSM 4/09 4 Vaishnavism and homosexuality 4/09 June 22, 2003 – San Francisco Chronicle 1 Being gay and Hindu may win Pakistani DJ asylum in the

Judaism and Homosexuality

Homosexuality in the Jewish Tradition Also see:  Gay Israel story Gay Israel News and Reports 2000-02 Gay Israel News and Reports 2003-04 Judaism and Homosexuality 1 A second look on homosexuality 2/04 2 New books: ‘Wrestling With God & Men: Homosexuality in the Jewish Tradition’ and ‘Queer Theory and the Jewish Question: between queer and Jewish identities’ 5/04

Christianity and Homosexuality

1 Outing the Bible: The new queer theologians don’t need your approval 2/04 2 Homophobia turns young people off Christianity 10/07 3 It’s the gays’ fault 4/10 4 Prospective Catholic Priests Face Sexuality Hurdles 5/10 4a Challenging the Religious Fundamentalism Behind Anti-Homo Bill of 2009 3/11 5 Survey: Most US Catholics support gay rights 3/11 6 Gay bishop: Bible silent on gays

Buddhism and Homosexuality

1 Homosexuality and Theravada Buddhism 2003 2 Will gay marriage be allowed by Buddhists in Thailand? 7/05 3 Homosexuality, Buddhism and Sri Lankan Society 8/07 1 Homosexuality and Theravada Buddhism 2003 by A. L. De Silva Buddhism teaches to, and expects from, its followers a certain level of ethical behaviour. The minimum that is required of the lay Buddhist

Islam and Homosexuality 2008-09

1 Gay Africans and Arabs come out online 2/08 2 A Jihad for Love: Can your faith really kill you? 3/08 3 Gay Arabs Party Here, Risk Death Back Home 6/08 4 Book on LGBT life in Muslim cultures published 8/08 5 HIV/AIDS and Its Effects on Society Cont. 5 9/08 6 Outcast heroes 11/08

Islam and Homosexuality 2006-07

1 Islamic Feminism Revisited 2/06 2 UK Gay Muslim Activist Adnan Ali is Interviewed 3/06 3 New book gives voice to gay Arabs: ‘Unspeakable Love 4/06 4 Four-Day Conference to Highlight South Asian Gay Issues 6/06 5 Marriage for Gay Muslims? 6/06 6 Queer Muslims find peace 6/06 7 Homosexual and ‘passionate about Islam’ 7/06 7a Middle East dispatch Coming out in Arabic 10/06

Islam and Homosexuality 2003-05

1 The True Clash of Civilizations-Sex 4/03 2 Summer lovin’ – Arab Gays, Lesbians coming out of the closet? 8/03 3 Gay Muslims Work Toward a New Islam 8/03 4 Arabian Nightsweats (essay) 6/03 5 A Muslim calls for reform – and she’s a lesbian 1/04 6 Woman Fights for Equality in West Virginia (USA) Mosque 1/04 7 How a Muslim woman

Islam and Homosexuality 1998-2002

1 Power and Sexuality in the Middle East (Academic essay, 1998) 2 Gay Muslims in the Post-Attack World 10/01 3 Male Homosexuality in the Arab World 7/98 4 Gay Life and Death in the Arab World 2/02 5 Pakistani-American Gay Muslim Activist Works to Build Ties 11/01 6 Islamic Studies on Homosexuality (1998) 7 Gay Muslims Face a Growing Challenge 1/02 8 To